Russell Investments Canada Limited announces fund risk rating changes

TORONTO, July 13 2016Russell Investments Canada Limited (RICL) today announced changes to the risk ratings of eight RICL funds. These changes are effective immediately.

Fund Previous Rating New Rating

Russell Investments Emerging Markets Equity Pool

Russell Investments Emerging Markets Equity Class 

 Medium to High



Multi-Asset Fixed Income

Multi-Asset Fixed Income Class 
 Low Low to Medium

Russell Investments Income Essentials

Russell Investments Income Essentials Class 
 Low Low to Medium

LifePoints Balanced Income

LifePoints Balanced Income Class
 Low Low to Medium

Russell Investments Canada Limited follows a risk classification methodology based on the approach recommended by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada. Each fund’s risk rating is reviewed on an annual basis, or when the fund undergoes a material change. The changes announced today are the result of an annual review. No material changes have been made to the investment objectives, strategies or management of the affected funds. These risk rating changes will be reflected in the renewal of the simplified prospectus and fund facts of these RICL funds.

If you have any questions, please call 1-888-509-1792.

About Russell Investments Canada Limited

 Russell Investments Canada Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerald Acquisition Limited and was established in 1985. Russell Investments Canada Limited and its affiliates are referred to collectively as "Russell Investments.” Russell Investments was founded in 1936 and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Russell Investments Canada Limited has its head office in Toronto.

About Russell Investments

Russell Investments, a global asset manager, is one of only a few firms that offers actively managed multi-asset portfolios and services which include advice, investments and implementation. Russell Investments stands with institutional investors, financial advisors and individuals working with their advisors—using the firm’s core capabilities that extend across capital market insights, manager research, asset allocation, portfolio implementation and factor exposures to help each achieve their desired investment outcomes.

Russell Investments has more than C$319 billion in assets under management (as of 3/31/2016) and works with more than 2,500 institutional clients, independent distribution partners and individual investors globally. As a consultant to some of the largest pools of capital in the world, Russell Investments has $2.2 trillion in assets under advisement (as of 6/30/2015). The firm has four decades of experience researching and selecting investment managers and meets annually with more than 2,200 managers around the world. Russell Investments also traded more than $2 trillion in 2015 through its implementation services business.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Russell Investments operates globally, including through its offices in Seattle, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Toronto, Chicago and Milwaukee. For more information about how Russell Investments helps to improve financial security for people, visit or follow @Russell_Invest.

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