The information and links contained on this web page describe the different approaches to ESG used worldwide by Russell Investments. It does not describe the specific practices used by Russell Investments in Canada, or by any mutual fund available to Canadian investors (the Funds).

All of the Funds may consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors of a company as part of the process of evaluating the financial results and prospects of the company since inadequate ESG practices can be a risk to the future financial performance of the company. This is called ESG consideration, and it is a general process we apply to all the Funds that is not specific to any particular Fund. ESG consideration is not given greater weight than other factors we evaluate of a company, though if the financial risk to a company from its ESG practices is high enough, it could be a reason why a Fund does not invest in that company. At this time, in Canada, only the Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool uses ESG as a principal investment strategy for achieving non-financial ESG results. Please see the simplified prospectus of the Funds for additional information.


We reflect what matters most to you.

Whether you're driven by personal or stakeholder values, aim to mitigate risk, or simply need to comply with regulation, our approach to responsible investment integrates with what matters most.


Our responsible investing beliefs

As a global investment solutions provider, we believe transparency and investing responsibly can help deliver attractive investment returns and meet client objectives in the long term.

To reflect this, we have founded our responsible investing practice on a set of four beliefs.



ESG factors

ESG factors impact security prices. These factors can vary by company, industry, and region and their importance can vary through time.



A deep understanding

A deep understanding of how ESG factors impact security prices is value-adding to a skillful investment process.



Embedding ESG

Embedding ESG considerations into a firm's culture and processes improves the likelihood of prolonged and successful investing.



Active ownership

Active ownership of securities is an effective tool for improving investment outcomes.

Our climate change investment beliefs

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Future climate events and shocks will affect security prices.

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Current security prices may not reflect current climate change risks and opportunities.

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The ability to recognize systematic or idiosyncratic mispricing presents skillful asset managers an opportunity to add investment value through both risk management and return opportunity capture.

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Active ownership may be used to mitigate climate-change related risks, or to help foster effective adaptation for individual securities and markets.

Our commitment to investing responsibly

We collaborate with organizations that establish and drive responsible investment practices.

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Became a UN PRI signatory


Proxy votes made at 10,041 meetings in 20211

Our commitment to net zero by 2050 | Russell Investments

Our pledge

Russell Investments commits to net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 or sooner.

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Putting beliefs into practice

Russell Investments strives to employ a firmwide, holistic, ESG-integrated approach to our investment process.

We encompass responsible investing into our investment manager evaluation process, portfolio management and advisory services, and through implementing proprietary solutions to meet client needs.

Responsible investing policies

Investment Stewardship Report

Russell Investments' policy is to incorporate responsible investing into our investment manager evaluation process, our portfolio management, our advisory services, and through implementing proprietary solutions as desired by clients.

Responsible investing engagement policy brochure

As a premier investment solutions partner with multi-asset and multi-manager capabilities, we leverage a broad set of relationships to exert influence and enable multiple levels of engagement. These connections also provide information sharing and serve as an important feedback loop into our active ownership processes.

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Climate change policy

Russell Investments' policy is to research, measure, report, and consider climate change risks and opportunities as integral parts of our investing practice, active ownership, and business operations. Our measures, metrics, and consideration of climate risk and opportunities are integrated into our sub-adviser research and selection, portfolio management, advice, proxy voting, shareholder engagement, and day-to-day business.

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Sustainability risk policy

Russell Investments' policy is to integrate sustainability risks in our investment solutions by identifying, evaluating and managing relevant risks in our investment manager review process, portfolio management and through implementing proprietary solutions. We believe sustainability risks are most relevant to investment outcomes when they exhibit financial materiality, and, like all investment risks, are incorporated by balancing expected risk with expected reward.

In managing investment solutions, we consider financially-material sustainability risks in the context of expected rewards using a blend of inputs from sources including, but not limited to, investment managers, third-party data sources and Russell Investments propriety analysis. Furthermore, we incorporate bespoke sustainability risks based on clients' requirements for customized mandates. As well, we seek to collaborate with our advisory clients to consider, monitor and manage sustainability risk priorities in their portfolios.

Responsible investing resources

Insights, reports and related research


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