Rob Balkema

Rob Balkema

Non-profit Newsletter (Focus) - Edition 3, 2017

October 2017
The third edition of the 2017 Non-profit Focus newsletter features articles from Russell Investment thought leaders on: how you can maximize the investment expertise of an outsourcing provider, ways to improve upon the endowment model, unpacks the hurdle rate of return that your portfolio needs to survive, and Harvard’s new multi-asset positioning, and why a total-portfolio approach to investing adds value in the long term.

Factor exposures in multi-asset portfolios

June 2017
How do you have the greatest likelihood of success in implementing and managing factor exposures in multi-asset portfolios? This paper tackles this question.

A case for multi-asset investing: The low return imperative

May 2017
How big is the gap between what we expect the markets to deliver and what investors need? What should be done with the investment portfolio to close this gap?

The evolution of multi-asset

November 2016
Multi-asset investing is the term “du jour” in our industry today. Read this article for our beliefs, process, and why this term doesn’t mean the same to all investors.
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