Convert market volatility into a tax-managed opportunity for your clients—and your business

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Think long-term – take advantage of the short term

This is about more than tax-loss harvesting. It's about creating long-term wealth for clients—and for your business.

Capitalize on this moment: Demonstrate to clients how much they may save—and earn—when investing in tax-managed solutions. Consider also the positive impact that reduced tax drag may have on your own business.


Take action – the time is now!

The market volatility in recent weeks has been unnerving for many. However, there may be a silver lining—especially for tax-sensitive investors. Those accounts that were ripe for transition to a tax-managed approach, but had large embedded capital gains? Their transition may now be less disruptive in the short-term and more valuable in the long-term.

How does Russell Investments manage for taxes?

We've been helping investors increase their after-tax returns for more than three decades. Find out more about our approach to managing for taxes.

Tax-Managed Investing

Get started: Build your tax-smart prospect list

Select the clients who may benefit from tax-managed investing and prioritize them depending on their current situation. Remember client’s cost basis, marginal tax rate and their specific situation need to be considered.

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Clients with loss harvesting opportunities created by recent market pullbacks

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Clients who have cash on the sidelines and/or have come into large cash distributions

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Taxable trusts: They cross the top marginal tax rate at just $12,951 of taxable income

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And then what? Make the switch to tax-management

Act now: Capitalize on the moment.

It's about more than tax-loss harvesting. It's about creating long-term wealth for clients—and for your business.

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Demonstrate the value of tax management to your clients.

Proposal Tool:
Multi-Asset Portfolio Builder

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Illustration Tool:
Value of Tax Management

See how much more return you can gain with a tax-managed portfolio.

Value of Tax Management Tool

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