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iQ RetirementTM

Retire on your terms


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  • From Diversified and Outcome-oriented options to Sector, Responsible and Third Party options, our investment menu has something for everyone.
  • Altogether, you can choose from 23 different investment options.
  • And with the Diversified options, you get up to five free investment switches a year, so you can move between these options without paying any transaction costs.

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Retire on your terms

  • Are you under age 65 and not permanently retired? Then a transition to retirement strategy may be right for you.
  • Or maybe you’ve already retired, in which case you can get set up to receive regular payments from an account-based pension
  • Either way, iQ Retirement is all about helping you to get a regular income from your super savings. 

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Family linking for lower fees

  • Did you know that if you are linked to another family member’s account in iQ Retirement, you can reduce your administration fees?
  • Family linking allows you to combine your account balances for the purpose of calculating administration fees, which are reduced on amounts over $500,000.
  • Any fee reduction will apply proportionately to both you and the family member.

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Who is iQ Retirement™ for?

I’m over 57 and no longer working

  • You could access a full pension.
  • This option pays you a regular income (tax free if you are over age 60).

I’m over 57 and still working

  • You could access a transition to retirement pension.
  • This option lets you contribute to super and draw a pension income at the same time.