Our top 10 favorite articles of 2023

From unaffordable Canadian housing to the U.S. debt-ceiling saga, from inflation concerns to recession fears, from soaring bond yields to slowing consumer spending, 2023 had no shortage of issues for investors to worry about. That’s why, at Russell Investments, we kicked our thought-leadership efforts into overdrive this year, working with the best and brightest minds in the firm to produce compelling, insightful articles focused on the key issues impacting our clients.

With more than 200 articles written in the past 12 months, choosing our favorites was no easy feat. Ultimately, we settled on selecting the articles that resonated the most with our audience—the articles that received the highest levels of engagement from clients and readers alike.

Let’s cut to the chase. Presented here, in no particular order, are our top 10 favorite articles from 2023.

2024 Global Market Outlook: The Twilight Zone

We anticipate that the world will enter the new year in a twilight zone between slowdown, possible recession and recovery—where nothing is likely to be quite what it seems.

Expanding (investment) horizons: The case for investing globally

We believe it's wise for investors to broaden their international opportunity set by considering investing beyond U.S. equities. Embracing a global perspective is essential, as the investment landscape is ever-evolving, and change is the only constant.

Unlisted infrastructure – Highway to diversification

Implementing an unlisted infrastructure portfolio comes with inherent challenges. Adopting a multi-manager strategy can help mitigate these risks and create attractive opportunities for investors.

The value of an advisor: How advisors deliver value in challenging times

Danny Kabeya, divisional director, Canada advisor and intermediary solutions, shares the insights from our 8th annual Value of an Advisor survey.

The Global Housing Inspection Report – 2023 edition

In our second annual assessment of the global housing market, we discuss the latest trends and insights from four key developed markets: the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia.

What is a tax managed mutual fund?

It's not what you make, it's what you get to keep. Managing for taxes throughout the investment process can help reduce the taxes payable on a portfolio, thereby theoretically leaving more money available to grow and compound.

Is the 60/40 balanced portfolio broken? Not forever.

Some investors are questioning whether the traditional 60% equity/ 40% fixed income balanced portfolio remains a valid strategy. Over history, balanced portfolios have rebounded quickly from declines.

Navigating investor apathy: A candid look at the challenges faced by today’s advisors

Despite the market turbulence over the past three years, investors seem to be apathetic. We find that many are displaying one of these key characteristics: Gullibility, Irritability or Complacency (GIC). We look at what you can do to help them.

Three opportunities to grow your advisory business now

Ready to grow your business? If you’re willing to put in the necessary work, there are some areas of opportunity available to help you build an expanding and thriving business.

How referable is your business?

Want to get more referrals from your established clients? We've identified four key areas to focus on.