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We have a rich heritage of directing the investments of some of the world's largest investors - some of whom have billion-dollar portfolios. This kind of investor cannot afford to be without a diversified portfolio. Neither can your organization.

For investment solutions built to deliver your desired outcomes, access our innovative range of multi-asset products to address your portfolio needs.

Each of these funds is an effective investment tool in its own right. When individual funds are carefully combined to create a diversified, outcome-oriented, multi-asset institutional investment program, their true potential is unlocked.


Fixed income funds

Fixed income funds invest in debt instruments that provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity.

Our full range of core fixed income solutions is designed for investors seeking greater diversification in their fixed-income returns. Each pool is sub-advised by a select group of specialists in their fields. From investment grade credit to liquid alternatives, discover the complete offering of our fixed income solutions.

Canadian Fixed Income Fund

Inflation Linked Bond Fund

Money Market Pool

Short Term Income Pool

Fixed Income Pool

Fixed Income Plus Pool

Global Credit Pool

Extended Duration Fund

The benefits of a fixed income solution in your portfolio

Diversify your equity exposure
Fixed income assets generally react in a different manner than equity to market events, providing an effective diversifier to your equity exposure.

A potential source of income
Fixed income assets can be a source of income through interest or dividend payments.

May help protect your principal
Fixed income assets generally retain their value over time as they are less likely to suffer large drawdowns.

Smoother return profile
Through diversification and smaller drawdowns, adding fixed income assets can smooth out the returns of a balanced portfolio.

Fixed Income Survey

We assess the outlook across the global fixed income landscape by surveying bond and currency managers throughout the year, drilling deep into fixed income investment firms' expectations on interest rates, inflation, credit fundamentals, emerging-market currencies and more.

Read the survey results

Equity funds

A broad range of stock focused funds, including regional and global allocations.

Canadian equity

Invests primarily in shares of Canadian companies, using defensive, value and growth styles.

Canadian Dividend Pool

Canadian Equity Pool

Multi-Factor Canadian Equity Pool

U.S. equity

Primarily invests in equity securities of U.S. companies of any size and from any industry.

US Equity Pool

Multi-Factor US Equity Pool

Global equity

Invests in stocks of developed countries throughout the world.

Global Equity Pool

ESG Global Equity Pool

Global Smaller Companies Pool

International & emerging markets

Invests principally in stocks of companies located outside of Canada and the U.S., or in emerging markets specifically.

Overseas Equity Pool

Emerging Markets Equity Pool

Multi-Factor International Equity Pool

Bridge over water

Active Management insights

Our distinct relationship with underlying managers gives us unique access to insights from specialists across the manager universe.

As the world navigates through unprecedented times, keeping a vigilant watch on the views of specialist managers has never mattered more.

Read the latest insight

Listed real assets funds

Our real asset funds are structured to give institutional investors exposure to core real assets through an actively-managed portfolio.

For a diversified portfolio of real assets, the Russell Investments Real Assets is a simple way to gain access to this unique asset class. Alternatively, you can invest separately in the Russell Investments Global Real Estate Pool or the Russell Investments Global Infrastructure Pool.

Global Infrastructure Pool

Global Real Estate Pool

Real Assets

Tap into the research library

Explore our expansive vault of research papers written by our experts on various topics of interest to institutional investors.

Visit the research library

Multi-assets portfolios

Investing in a global mix of asset classes in a single investment portfolio.

We construct multi-asset portfolios by blending multiple asset classes together with a view to capturing a balance between their characteristics in line with the individual client’s desired outcomes. We implement our views using an open-architecture approach, incorporating specialist managers and strategies across all parts of the portfolio.

Multi-Asset Income Strategy

Multi-Asset Growth & Income Strategy

Multi-Asset Growth Strategy

Multi-Asset International Equity

Market insights

Get the latest insights from our industry-leading authorities on global markets, institutional investing, and more.

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