Diversified multi-asset funds for defined contribution plans’ core menus.

Why choose Russell Investments’ multi-manager investments for your defined contribution plan?

We offer collective investment trust (CIT) institutional funds for large DC plans as well as mutual funds in various share classes.

Our multi-manager funds offer DC plan sponsors and their participants: 

  • Access to some of the world’s leading money managers. We research and continuously monitor money managers for quality and performance. 

  • Simplified manager change process. With a multi-manager solution, we simply exchange one manager for another within the existing fund structure. No lengthy manager searches for you; no 30-day participant pre-notification requirement.

  • Access to a professionally managed process that adapts to changing market conditions while balancing risks and returns.

  • Potential fee savings. We strive to negotiate favorable fees and leverage scale that can be passed on to plans that may not have the time, expertise, or size necessary to do so themselves.

  • Simple asset allocation decisions for participants. One multi-manager fund can take the place of several style based funds within the same asset class.

Simplify your defined contribution menu without compromising diversification

Our investment fund research process incorporates a belief in the importance of diversification – by asset class, styles, and managers. 

We recognize that no single provider is best at all strategies in all market environments. So, we don't try to do it all in-house. We also research independent money managers from around the world—with the goal of finding "best-in-class" managers—then combine those manager products into the strategies within our portfolios, all with the oversight and expertise of our portfolio managers. 

We offer a wide range of funds, from traditional asset class funds including large cap US equity, small cap US equity, non-US equity, and fixed income, to sector funds focused on specific investment strategies and narrowly focused areas of the market.

Your goal as a DC plan sponsor is to help improve the financial security for the participants in your defined contribution plan. That's our mission, too. We're dedicated to helping you employ the best practices in plan design, investments and implementation.

Streamline your defined contribution core menu to simplify plan participants’ investment decisions

We believe that the fewer decisions a retirement plan participant is asked to make, the better. With most plans offering an average of 18 options*, participants are often required to make multiple investment decisions: Stocks vs. bonds, capitalization (large vs. small), and investment style (growth vs. value).  

Rather than offering narrow investment choices and forcing participants to become experts on siloed asset classes, we believe the same amount of diversification can be offered to participants with a relatively smaller core menu of 6-8 funds made up of multiple managers in each investment option.  A multi-manager approach can help improve the consistency of returns with less volatility than single manager portfolios in the same asset class**. 

A well-constructed core menu can represent diverse risk and potential return choices, while keeping the investment options easy to understand. Choosing investments for your plan shouldn’t require compromises. A well-designed menu should bring your participants institutional-quality investments that can be combined to provide asset allocation, diversification, and risk management.  

*Source: Defined Contribution Benchmarking Survey, 2017 Edition, Deloitte
**Source: Russell Investments
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