Personalised super, built around you.



Introducing GoalTracker™, a better way to do super

Super. A lifetime of savings designed to fund our lifestyle when we stop work. Yet for most of us, super is confusing, complex and better left for another day. Until now.

By telling us more about you and your goal for a great life after work, we can build your super and investments around you.

Why GoalTracker™?

Makes super real

Helps you set a goal for how much income you'll need to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Simple to manage

Always know how you’re tracking to your goal and things you can do if you fall behind.

Personalised strategy

We can manage how your super is invested based on your personal situation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Personalised support

Guidance and suggestions, and experts to talk to if you need a little extra help.

How GoalTracker™ works?

1 Getting started
To get you started, we use your age and super balance to estimate the retirement lifestyle you’re heading for. And if you haven’t set your own investment strategy, GoalTracker™ will automatically invest your super based on the information we know about you.

2 Get a clearer picture of your future
We help you work out how much money you’ll need to pay for the lifestyle you want in retirement and if you’re on track to get there.

3 Personalised strategy
For no additional cost, we can further personalise your investment strategy based on your retirement income goal and the information you provide with GoalTracker™ Plus.


Explore GoalTracker™ Plus


GoalTracker™ features

Personalised tracker

Check how you’re tracking to your retirement income goal at any time.

Personalised To Do List

A list of actions you plan to take and ones we suggest to help you get and keep your super on track.


Personalised suggestions

Prompts to help you get
and stay on track.

Have GoalTracker™ build your super around you today

Simply log on to your online account and follow the prompts to get a clearer picture of your future.

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Super simplicity

Find super confusing, complex and better left for another day? GoalTracker can make saving for your future easier than you think.

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Award-winning innovation

GoalTracker™ has been recognised globally for its innovation1


For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see www.chantwest.com.au