2020 annual ESG manager survey: Turning up the volume

Amplified focus on ESG factors and climate risk

By Yoshie Phillips

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Has environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors increased or decreased in importance?

According to the results of our annual asset manager survey, the volume has been turned up on responsible investing, ESG integration is now universally recognized as an important consideration when analyzing investment opportunities. An increased number of firms are incorporating additional ESG metrics into their investment process, expanding their dedicated responsible investment resources and providing greater transparency through reporting.

Data providers are integral in providing a broader perspective of companies or entities in the marketplace, with engagement activities also playing a vital role in asset managers gaining and making use of ESG-related information.

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Key survey highlights

A 33% increase in survey respondents from last year, indicating the amplified focus on responsible investing

Active ownership continues to rise in prominence

An increased number of firms are incorporating additional ESG metrics into their investment process

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Webinar recording

Sustainable investing as a risk management tool

Held on November 10, 2020

Dave Chen, Adjunct Professor of Finance at Northwestern University and CEO & Chairman of Equilibrium Capital and Judith Mares, Senior Advisor at USSIF and President of Mares Financial Consulting, share their insights on the evolution of sustainable investing, the potential short and long-term effects of the current health crisis and social justice movement on sustainable investing considerations, and the impending risk factors that are likely to have an impact on investors in the coming decade.

The discussion is coupled with insights from Russell Investments' sustainable investing experts Emily Steinbarth, Senior Quantitative Research Analyst and Lisa Schneider, Head of Non-Profits and Healthcare Systems, who will discuss what the firm is currently doing to help meet these considerations and potential options available to investors if they want to explore this further.

On-demand webinar