Brian Causey

Brian Causey


Portfolio management best practices: Implementing an Overlay program

July 2019
An Overlay program is a multifaceted portfolio tool that offers a helpful set of solutions for today’s portfolio challenges. Read about these solutions.

Enhanced cash and liquidity management

March 2019
Cash returns have increased to the point where being passive can be a detriment to investment results. An active approach to managing cash can increase yields and create efficiences form a collateral management standpoint. To put it more directly, we believe some are overpaying for liquidity.

Strategy Spotlight: Rebalancing with EFPs

August 2014
This Strategy Spotlight explores how investors can use EFPs (Exchange-for-Physicals) to cost-effectively rebalance between U.S. and non-U.S. equities.

Strategy Spotlight: Solutions for adjusting real estate exposure

July 2014
This Strategy Spotlight addresses options for adjusting a portfolio’s exposure to real estate beyond direct investments in a real estate fund or separate account.

Strategy Spotlight: Equity index futures vs. total return swaps

June 2014
This Strategy Spotlight outlines the important factors for investors to consider as they assess the suitability of futures versus total return swaps.

Strategy Spotlight: Exposure benchmarking

June 2014
This paper focuses on how benchmark deviations can be reduced by using exposure benchmarking, including: plan-level inflows and outflows, manager allocations, and policy targets.
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