Steven M. Murray

Steve Murray


What are reasonable outcomes to expect from a target date glide path?

February 2019
Participants in 401(k) plans and plan sponsors may be challenged to understand whether their future savings and investment plans are consistent with their planned retirement income. In this article, we investigate a simple approach to compare the ambitiousness of the participant’s plan with the reality of growth available from existing target date solutions.

Recognizing long-term progress in target date funds

June 2018
How well are your participants doing in their plan towards retirement?
See our alternate method to assess their long-term progress.

Helping keep participants on track to a successful retirement

May 2018
We’ve updated our target date fund glide path. See the summary of our updated glide path research and impact on our target date funds.

What are reasonable outcomes to expect from a target date glide path?

February 2018
The industry provides a range of target date glide paths…and a range of different outcomes. See the rate of return for a given savings rate and retirement income target.

Managed accounts: The other QDIA

November 2017
The forgotten QDIA option that offers a customized asset allocation strategy. Read more about some of the managed account advantages that are designed to help keep participants on track to meet their retirement income goals.

Are 5% distributions an achievable hurdle for foundations? Were they ever? An update

November 2016
Sustainably supporting distributions continues to remain a difficult challenge for foundations.