Travis Bagley

Travis Bagley


Liquidity in crisis

April 2020
We address today’s current implementation challenges and provide perspective on trading costs and liquidity complications during this COVID-19 crisis. See what we’ve learned.

3 trends in implementation

September 2019
Read our late cycle best practices for portfolio implementation. Investors should be aware of some good and some troubling trends we have witnessed in implementation.

Institutional investor best practice by 2025

April 2019
What will implementation for institutional investors look like between now and 2025? Take a look at an implementation platform designed to lower costs and improve outcomes.

Money down the drain?

December 2018
How much are plans losing with suboptimal transitions of fixed income assets?

Portfolio emulation

June 2018
The next evolution in portfolio implementation to reduce costs and improve portfolio returns with centralized portfolio management.

Informed currency hedging for transition management

June 2016
We have created an informed currency hedging model to assess the current equity/currency regime and to determine the best hedging strategy for a given transition event.

Three myths about Outsourcing DC plans

December 2014
Russell Investments' Holly Verdeyen dispels three common myths that often come into play when defined contribution plan sponsors consider the issue of outsourcing.

Interim portfolio management for fixed income portfolios

December 2014
This paper discusses the benefits of having interim portfolio management for fixed income strategies that may help maintain benchmark exposure and minimize transaction costs and risks.

Transition management explained

September 2014
This report explains what a pension fund should know about transition management (TM), including how to mitigate costs and manage risks of transitioning assets.