Economic Expansion (GDP)
Quarterly Values (%): June '47 - March '24
+/- 1 standard deviation of GDP US Chained 2009 Dollars quarter over quarter % Change figures fall into this range.
-30-20-100.010203040'47'50'55'60'65'70'75'80'85'90'95'00'05'10'15'20'24-1.10Jun '47-.80Sep '476.40Dec '476.20Mar '486.80Jun '482.30Sep '48.50Dec '48-5.40Mar '49-1.40Jun '494.20Sep '49-3.30Dec '4916.60Mar '5012.80Jun '5016.40Sep '507.90Dec '505.50Mar '517.10Jun '518.50Sep '51.90Dec '514.30Mar '52.90Jun '522.90Sep '5213.80Dec '527.60Mar '533.10Jun '53-2.20Sep '53-5.90Dec '53-1.90Mar '54.40Jun '544.60Sep '548.10Dec '5411.90Mar '556.60Jun '555.50Sep '552.40Dec '55-1.50Mar '563.30Jun '56-.40Sep '566.80Dec '562.60Mar '57-.90Jun '574.00Sep '57-4.10Dec '57-10.00Mar '582.60Jun '589.60Sep '589.70Dec '587.90Mar '599.30Jun '59.30Sep '591.10Dec '599.30Mar '60-2.10Jun '602.00Sep '60-5.00Dec '602.70Mar '617.00Jun '617.90Sep '618.10Dec '617.30Mar '623.70Jun '625.00Sep '621.30Dec '624.40Mar '634.60Jun '639.10Sep '632.70Dec '638.70Mar '644.40Jun '646.40Sep '641.20Dec '6410.00Mar '655.20Jun '659.20Sep '659.50Dec '6510.10Mar '661.40Jun '663.40Sep '663.30Dec '663.60Mar '67.30Jun '673.80Sep '673.10Dec '678.40Mar '686.90Jun '683.10Sep '681.60Dec '686.40Mar '691.20Jun '692.70Sep '69-1.90Dec '69-.60Mar '70.60Jun '703.70Sep '70-4.20Dec '7011.30Mar '712.20Jun '713.30Sep '711.00Dec '717.60Mar '729.40Jun '723.80Sep '726.90Dec '7210.30Mar '734.40Jun '73-2.10Sep '733.90Dec '73-3.40Mar '741.00Jun '74-3.70Sep '74-1.50Dec '74-4.80Mar '752.90Jun '757.00Sep '755.50Dec '759.30Mar '763.00Jun '762.20Sep '762.90Dec '764.80Mar '778.00Jun '777.40Sep '77.00Dec '771.30Mar '7816.40Jun '784.10Sep '785.50Dec '78.70Mar '79.40Jun '793.00Sep '791.00Dec '791.30Mar '80-8.00Jun '80-.50Sep '807.70Dec '808.10Mar '81-2.90Jun '814.90Sep '81-4.30Dec '81-6.10Mar '821.80Jun '82-1.50Sep '82.20Dec '825.40Mar '839.40Jun '838.20Sep '838.60Dec '838.10Mar '847.10Jun '843.90Sep '843.30Dec '843.90Mar '853.60Jun '856.20Sep '853.00Dec '853.80Mar '861.80Jun '863.90Sep '862.20Dec '863.00Mar '874.40Jun '873.50Sep '877.00Dec '872.10Mar '885.40Jun '882.40Sep '885.40Dec '884.10Mar '893.10Jun '893.00Sep '89.80Dec '894.40Mar '901.50Jun '90.30Sep '90-3.60Dec '90-1.90Mar '913.20Jun '912.00Sep '911.40Dec '914.90Mar '924.40Jun '924.00Sep '924.20Dec '92.70Mar '932.30Jun '931.90Sep '935.50Dec '933.90Mar '945.50Jun '942.40Sep '944.70Dec '941.40Mar '951.20Jun '953.40Sep '952.70Dec '953.00Mar '966.80Jun '963.60Sep '964.20Dec '962.60Mar '976.80Jun '975.10Sep '973.50Dec '974.10Mar '983.80Jun '985.10Sep '986.60Dec '983.80Mar '993.40Jun '995.40Sep '996.70Dec '991.50Mar '007.50Jun '00.40Sep '002.40Dec '00-1.30Mar '012.50Jun '01-1.60Sep '011.10Dec '013.40Mar '022.50Jun '021.60Sep '02.50Dec '022.10Mar '033.60Jun '036.80Sep '034.70Dec '032.30Mar '043.20Jun '043.80Sep '044.20Dec '044.50Mar '052.00Jun '053.20Sep '052.30Dec '055.50Mar '061.00Jun '06.60Sep '063.40Dec '061.20Mar '072.60Jun '072.40Sep '072.50Dec '07-1.60Mar '082.30Jun '08-2.10Sep '08-8.50Dec '08-4.60Mar '09-.70Jun '091.50Sep '094.30Dec '092.00Mar '103.90Jun '103.10Sep '102.10Dec '10-1.00Mar '112.70Jun '11-.20Sep '114.60Dec '113.30Mar '121.80Jun '12.70Sep '12.40Dec '123.50Mar '13.60Jun '133.20Sep '132.90Dec '13-1.40Mar '145.20Jun '144.70Sep '141.80Dec '143.30Mar '152.30Jun '151.30Sep '15.60Dec '152.40Mar '161.20Jun '162.40Sep '162.00Dec '161.90Mar '172.30Jun '172.90Sep '173.80Dec '173.10Mar '183.40Jun '181.90Sep '18.90Dec '182.20Mar '192.70Jun '193.60Sep '191.80Dec '19-4.60Mar '20-29.90Jun '2035.30Sep '203.90Dec '205.20Mar '216.20Jun '213.30Sep '217.00Dec '21-2.00Mar '22-.60Jun '222.70Sep '222.60Dec '222.20Mar '232.10Jun '234.90Sep '233.40Dec '231.60Mar '241.60

Data represent historical quarter end values

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) seasonally adjusted measures the total market value of the United States' output of goods and services during a specific time period. It is measured on a quarterly basis. This indicator value represents the trailing quarter over quarter % change as of last month-end.

Why is it important?

  • GDP is considered a measure of a country’s economic health.

How do we interpret it?

  • Rising indicator levels indicate increasing GDP. Decreasing indicator levels indicate the opposite.

Typical historical range

  • As of December 31, 2023, +/- 1 standard deviation* of historical month-end values have ranged from -1.44% to +7.79%.1

Quarterly trend