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Investment Proposal Tool

The Investment Proposal Tool (formerly known as MAP Builder) is an easy-to-use web-based tool that brings together Russell Investments' proprietary capital market forecasts and Monte Carlo simulation, along with before- and after-tax assumptions, to quickly create a high-quality proposal for use with end-investors.

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Tax Impact Comparison Tool

Compare investment products on a tax-adjusted basis and quickly assess the tax implications between products and Morningstar categories.

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Value of Tax Management Tool

Highlight the potential opportunity afforded by paying attention to taxes when investing – specifically how tax efficient investing can impact an investor's ending wealth as well as their tax burden.

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Funded Ratio Calculator

The Funded Ratio Calculator is a web-based tool that helps you answer the question you probably hear quite frequently from investors, "Do I have enough money to retire?". By entering information about the investor's portfolio assets, income streams, planned savings, and future spending needs the tool can provide a detailed funded ratio for the investor - much like a pension plan might compare its assets and liabilities to assess the health of its defined benefit plan.

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Manager Asset Allocation Tool

Create a client-ready PDF using this tool that demonstrates the diversification inherent in Russell Investments Multi-Asset Portfolios across asset classes, underlying mutual funds, investment styles and manager products.

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Economic Indicators Dashboard

A visual tool to help you talk to your clients, this dashboard identifies a few economic and market indicators to help the identify current economic health and general market trends.

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Asset Class Dashboard

Use this graph to help you keep your clients' expectations grounded in reality and drive toward good investment decisions.

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