LifePoints® Funds, Target Portfolio Series

LifePoints Funds, Target Portfolio Series (TPS) are designed to simplify the investment decision process so you can focus on the important things in life. By combining different Russell Investment Company funds into diverse portfolios, LifePoints Funds offer an efficient approach to investing.

Contact your financial professional and ask for Russell Investments by name.
LifePoints Funds are an exclusive offering only available through financial professionals.

The benefits of choosing LifePoints® Funds, TPS

  • Convenience—you get a well-diversified investment program in a single fund, using multiple money managers across four asset classes
  • Expertise—you access some of the world's best money managers, monitored continuously and replaced when necessary
  • Flexibility—you may select the fund that best fits your needs

Pick the retirement strategy that is right for you

With LifePoints Funds there is no need for do-it-yourself diversification.

Each LifePoints Fund is constructed as a fund of funds, expertly diversified by Russell Investments' multimanager specialists. With one simple investment, your money gains access to the combined performance of up to thirteen different underlying Russell mutual funds depending on the fund chosen.

Risk and return potential

These funds have target allocations, each with their own level of risk and return potential. They help meet the needs of individual investors at every "life point," addressing a variety of time horizons, risk comfort zones and life situations.


Multi-Asset is defined as funds that contain more than one broad asset class (equity, fixed income, alternatives).


Designed to simplify the investment decision process so investors can focus on the important things in life.