Hybrid Model Strategies

A disciplined combination of active, passive, and multifactor investment approaches.

Russell Investments' Hybrid Model Strategies are comprised of active, passive and multifactor investment approaches and designed to provide investors with the best of each approach.

  • Active mutual funds managed by Russell Investments utilizing some of the world’s leading money managers and strategies to help increase return potential.
  • Passive ETFs highly ranked through Russell Investments’ manager research process and utilized to help capture broad market returns at low costs.
  • Multifactor mutual funds to help tap into targeted factor exposures such as value, momentum, quality and low volatility; bringing access to additional potential return opportunities.

Example of a Model Strategy


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The benefits of choosing Hybrid Model Strategies 

  • Help increase probability of achieving long-term investment goals
  • Offer the potential for excess performance while keeping an eye on total portfolio costs
  • Provide ongoing rigorous oversight on asset allocation and manager selection

Important product changes

Effective July 22, 2020, the Hybrid Model Strategies were reallocated.

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