Our top 10 favorite articles of 2023

From the banking crisis to the U.S. debt-ceiling saga, from inflation concerns to recession fears, from soaring bond yields to slowing consumer spending, 2023 had no shortage of issues for investors to worry about. That’s why, at Russell Investments, we kicked our thought-leadership efforts into overdrive this year, working with the best and brightest minds in the firm to produce compelling, insightful articles focused on the key issues impacting our clients.

With over 200 articles written in the past 12 months, choosing our favorites was no easy feat. Ultimately, we settled on selecting the articles that resonated the most with our audience—the articles that received the highest levels of engagement from clients and readers alike.

Let’s cut to the chase. Presented here, in no particular order, are our top 10 favorite articles from 2023.

A recession is possible, but far from certain. So how should you consider positioning your portfolio?

A recession may be in the cards in the next 12-18 months, but it's by no means a certainty. Amid this backdrop, Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben outlines potential measures investors can take that don't rise to the level of overweighting or underweighting equities.

What do investment outsourcing and ice cream have in common?

As anyone who’s ever enjoyed a chocolate-vanilla swirl cone can attest to, sometimes the best outcome originates from a combination of things. Peter Corippo, managing director of fiduciary solutions, argues that the same holds true for many folks’ notions of OCIO (outsourced chief investment officer), noting that sometimes the optimal solution for an organization is a mix of services. Call it the swirl-cone approach.

The value of an advisor: What we have learned in the past 10 years

Brad Jung, managing director and head of North America advisor and intermediary solutions, shares the main lessons we’ve learned in the 10 years since our annual Value of an Advisor survey launched.

2023 Manager ESG Survey: Climate risk dominates

Senior Director and Head of ESG Investment Management Kris Nelson unpacks the key findings from our ninth annual survey on ESG practices within the investment management industry among equity, fixed income, real assets and private markets asset managers.

Top 5 tips for managing taxable portfolios

Just because another Tax Day has come and gone doesn’t mean advisors shouldn’t be thinking about how to minimize tax pain for clients going forward. Rob Kuharic, our director of tax-managed solutions, shares five tips that advisors can rely on at any time to help improve their clients’ after-tax wealth.

How could an energy transition impact global markets and economies?

In a comprehensive report, Paul Eitelman, Chief Investment Strategist for North America, and Senior Asset Allocation Strategist Pierre Dongo-Soria detail how investors could be affected by a transition away from a fossil-fuel-based economy.

2023 Prudent Pension Funding Report: A story of positive trends and persistent outliers

In our second annual Prudent Pension Funding Report, Managing Director Michael Hall shares the results from our latest research, which reveals that most corporate pension plans remain on a path to full funding.

What should you look for in a direct indexing provider? 10 things to consider

When considering a direct indexing solution for your clients, the right provider is key. Senior Strategic Accounts Manager Kevin Nielsen lists the criteria we believe are important to selecting a provider for these innovative investment solutions.

How we helped a health system evolve its investment program in alignment with its enterprise-wide strategic plan

Managing Director of Market Leadership Lisa Schneider shares how we helped a health system streamline its multiple asset pools, retain control where desired, decrease the complexity of its investment program, and reduce expenses.

$20 billion club: It's been a minute since we've seen numbers like this…

Justin Owens, director and co-head of strategic asset allocation, shares key insights from our annual report on publicly listed U.S. corporations with the largest pension liabilities.