Russell Investments expands suite of Personalized Managed Accounts with tailored Fixed Income and Multi-Asset options

Eight new portfolio solutions already available to advisors and their clients on prominent platforms

Seattle, June 17, 2024—Russell Investments has expanded its suite of Personalized Managed Accounts (PMA) with the launch of eight fixed income and multi-asset separately managed accounts (SMA) to serve diverse investment needs. The firm’s PMA suite now features four portfolios of fixed income securities packaged as Municipal ladders and Treasury ladders with staggered investment time horizons. In addition, the suite includes four multi-asset options of equity and fixed income securities either packaged in direct indexing or a mix of active and direct indexing allocations.

The expanded PMA suite is already available on some custodial platforms such as the Fidelity Separate Account Network (SAN) and other platforms such as SMArtX Advisory Solutions, while also partially available on Envestnet SMA. The suite provides financial advisors who leverage these platforms with greater opportunity to customize their clients’ portfolios to individual preferences that reflect unique values and investment needs.

Personalization opportunities in Russell Investments’ PMA suite include a wide range of considerations such as tax management and tax-efficient transitions, factor tilts, faith-based preferences, security and theme-based restrictions, charitable giving, as well as coordination across portfolios.

“Our expanded suite of PMA solutions is designed to help advisors advance their clients’ wealth-building strategy based on our full range of capabilities in portfolio construction, risk management, trading and execution, as well as tax-advantaged income management,” said Kevin Knowles, Senior Director, Personalized Solutions at Russell Investments. “Advisors are empowered to leverage our sophisticated investment approach, backed up by five decades of experience providing investment solutions to global institutional investors."

Russell Investments’ new PMA products are:/p>

  • Personalized Municipal Ladder 1-5 Year SMA
  • Personalized Municipal Ladder 1-10 Year SMA
  • Personalized Treasury Ladder 1-5 Year SMA
  • Personalized Treasury Ladder 1-10 Year SMA
  • Personalized 60/40 DI (direct indexing) Core Allocation SMA
  • Personalized 70/30 DI Core Allocation SMA
  • Personalized 60/40 Core Allocation SMA
  • Personalized 70/30 Core Allocation SMA

These PMA solutions feature a dedicated team of portfolio managers, quantitative research analysts and service teams, centralized trading and implementation, as well as personalized year-round tax management capabilities, including tax-loss harvesting, wash sale minimization, tax-smart turnover and holding-period management.

The newly available Fixed Income solutions are managed by Brian Pringle, Director, Customized Portfolio Solutions - Fixed Income. Each of these four options has an investment minimum of $250,000. The two newly available Multi-Asset DI Core solutions are managed by Nick Zylkowski, Managing Director, Co-Head of Customized Portfolio Solutions, while the two new Core Allocation solutions are managed by Zylkowski and Jordan McCall, Director, Senior Portfolio Manager - Equity. These four options have an investment minimum of $750,000 or $850,000.

In addition to the newly launched PMA options, Russell Investments’ PMA suite also features:

  • Two personalized core equity SMA solutions: Core Equity and Direct Indexed Core Equity
  • Three personalized active SMA strategies: Large Cap, Small/Mid Cap, and International
  • Five personalized Direct Indexed SMA strategies: Direct Indexed Large Cap, Direct Indexed Large Cap Growth, Direct Indexed Large Cap Value, Direct Indexed All Cap, and Direct Indexed International

Knowles said he expects the firm’s PMA suite, which has quadrupled in assets within the past year, to continue its robust growth trajectory as investors’ expectations shift toward greater personalization amid uncertain market conditions. “Investors are looking for complete solutions and more robust customization, and we’re happy to deliver a full package of timely solutions to exceed their expectations,” he added.

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