Kevin Knowles

Kevin Knowles


Personalized solutions lead to personalized results

June 2020
This paper discusses the shortfalls of target date funds and the personalization benefits of managed accounts for defined contribution plan participants.

Managed accounts: The other QDIA

November 2017
The forgotten QDIA option that offers a customized asset allocation strategy. Read more about some of the managed account advantages that are designed to help keep participants on track to meet their retirement income goals.

8 observations on custom target date funds

March 2016
Our eight observations on custom target date funds for defined contribution (DC) plan participants are discussed, including: glide path, asset allocation, operations, and monitoring.

The date debate revisited

May 2015
Kevin Knowles and Daniel Gardner revisit the date debate and reaffirm their stance on an asset allocation strategy that yields a flat versus de-risking (or downward sloping) glide path in retirement.

Russell Investments' beliefs in building institutional-quality target date solutions

February 2015
This paper discusses seven of Russell Investments’ core beliefs underpinning the construction of our target date solutions for our defined contribution (DC) plans.