Mike Barry

Michael Barry


Outsourcing: Prudent selection and monitoring of your outsourcing provider

October 2019
This paper discusses what prudent selection and monitoring of an outsourcing provider involves for defined contribution (DC) plans.

The future of DC outsourcing

October 2019
This paper provides an overview on DC outsourcing, covering everything from the fundamentals (why, what, and how to outsource), contracting, and issues of residual fiduciary liability.

What to outsource?

October 2019
This paper explores how DC plan sponsors should think about what functions to outsource and provides a client case study challenge, including Russell Investments’ solution and outcome.

Selecting a DC plan outsourcer

September 2019
This paper examines three basic principles that should guide the selection of a DC outsourcing provider and three types of firms that provide outsourcing services.

Fiduciary outsourcing: What liability does the sponsor retain?

July 2019
How much ERISA fiduciary liability can a plan sponsor/employer avoid or “outsource” using an outsourced CIO approach? This paper addresses that very question.

De-branding the 401(k) fund menu

December 2014
This paper examines what is gained by having a brand name fund in the 401(k) fund menu.

Investment Perspectives: Fixing the 401k

August 2014
Russell's Josh Cohen and Mike Barry, President of Plan Advisory Services Group, discuss three critical issues facing DC plan sponsors, workers and policymakers. Improvements to 401(k) plans are needed, but they insist that plan sponsors are still in the best position to make necessary changes.
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