Market Volatility (CBOE VIX)
Monthly Values (%): January '90 - May '24
+/- 1 standard deviation of CBOE S&P 500 Volatility Index figures fall into this range.
0.010203040506070'90'95'00'05'10'15'20'2423.61Jan '9021.08Feb '9020.50Mar '9017.58Apr '9018.46May '9028.98Jun '9029.42Jul '9024.35Aug '9026.77Sep '9021.38Oct '9016.87Nov '9017.00Dec '9017.58Jan '9115.68Feb '9116.90Mar '9117.01Apr '9118.47May '9117.36Jun '9117.50Jul '9115.61Aug '9114.98Sep '9113.77Oct '9114.11Nov '9116.80Dec '9112.58Jan '9212.51Feb '9214.01Mar '9212.84Apr '9213.29May '9211.51Jun '9212.42Jul '9212.13Aug '9213.53Sep '9210.97Oct '9214.37Nov '9215.84Dec '9213.49Jan '9313.27Feb '9311.84Mar '9314.19Apr '9316.22May '9313.46Jun '9311.62Jul '9312.33Aug '9312.24Sep '9311.96Oct '9312.91Nov '9312.58Dec '9313.51Jan '9411.79Feb '9413.87Mar '9417.19Apr '9416.51May '9416.39Jun '9417.44Jul '9415.99Aug '9416.52Sep '9417.28Oct '9419.44Nov '9420.23Dec '9419.68Jan '9519.87Feb '9520.56Mar '9523.32Apr '9522.08May '9530.59Jun '9525.76Jul '9520.29Aug '9521.06Sep '9521.39Oct '9519.98Nov '9529.25Dec '9539.28Jan '9628.61Feb '9625.28Mar '9629.24Apr '9624.71May '9625.04Jun '9623.53Jul '9623.21Aug '9624.09Sep '9623.29Oct '9621.80Nov '9623.15Dec '9623.09Jan '9727.40Feb '9723.44Mar '9720.10Apr '9718.22May '9724.01Jun '9725.94Jul '9725.93Aug '9724.78Sep '9728.74Oct '9722.29Nov '9721.88Dec '9722.99Jan '9834.94Feb '9826.96Mar '9822.99Apr '9822.15May '9818.91Jun '9820.71Jul '9828.64Aug '9834.64Sep '9837.73Oct '9830.08Nov '9827.30Dec '9830.95Jan '9930.08Feb '9921.31Mar '9920.15Apr '9919.32May '9919.36Jun '9917.60Jul '9917.70Aug '9923.81Sep '9924.02Oct '9921.82Nov '9922.06Dec '9923.20Jan '0023.60Feb '0022.65Mar '0027.10Apr '0026.37May '0021.51Jun '0019.89Jul '0018.09Aug '0019.69Sep '0025.15Oct '0026.38Nov '0026.53Dec '0024.92Jan '0123.48Feb '0128.50Mar '0128.34Apr '0122.94May '0120.94Jun '0122.32Jul '0121.83Aug '0135.07Sep '0132.72Oct '0126.68Nov '0123.72Dec '0122.22Jan '0222.88Feb '0218.98Mar '0219.90Apr '0220.09May '0225.27Jun '0234.05Jul '0233.74Aug '0237.65Sep '0235.24Oct '0228.10Nov '0228.21Dec '0227.42Jan '0332.22Feb '0330.63Mar '0323.99Apr '0320.24May '0320.36Jun '0319.16Jul '0319.27Aug '0319.61Sep '0318.02Oct '0317.40Nov '0316.83Dec '0316.10Jan '0416.00Feb '0417.69Mar '0415.70Apr '0417.70May '0415.36Jun '0415.50Jul '0416.68Aug '0414.08Sep '0414.97Oct '0413.58Nov '0412.46Dec '0413.44Jan '0511.71Feb '0513.13Mar '0514.46Apr '0513.97May '0511.87Jun '0511.05Jul '0512.95Aug '0512.63Sep '0514.94Oct '0512.15Nov '0511.26Dec '0512.04Jan '0612.47Feb '0611.69Mar '0611.85Apr '0614.45May '0616.92Jun '0615.33Jul '0613.35Aug '0612.18Sep '0611.31Oct '0610.82Nov '0610.96Dec '0611.04Jan '0711.16Feb '0715.16Mar '0712.93Apr '0713.30May '0714.95Jun '0717.27Jul '0725.03Aug '0722.20Sep '0719.12Oct '0725.58Nov '0721.65Dec '0725.82Jan '0825.46Feb '0827.10Mar '0821.56Apr '0818.30May '0822.11Jun '0824.32Jul '0820.70Aug '0830.24Sep '0861.18Oct '0862.64Nov '0852.41Dec '0844.68Jan '0945.57Feb '0944.80Mar '0938.06Apr '0931.98May '0929.14Jun '0926.16Jul '0925.34Aug '0924.93Sep '0924.25Oct '0923.78Nov '0921.24Dec '0920.64Jan '1022.54Feb '1017.77Mar '1017.42Apr '1031.93May '1029.92Jun '1025.57Jul '1024.75Aug '1022.52Sep '1020.37Oct '1020.10Nov '1017.57Dec '1017.32Jan '1117.43Feb '1120.72Mar '1116.24Apr '1116.91May '1119.15Jun '1119.23Jul '1135.03Aug '1136.53Sep '1132.83Oct '1131.94Nov '1125.05Dec '1120.23Jan '1218.42Feb '1216.17Mar '1217.82Apr '1221.00May '1221.13Jun '1217.57Jul '1215.69Aug '1215.28Sep '1216.28Oct '1216.70Nov '1217.31Dec '1213.51Jan '1314.07Feb '1313.03Mar '1313.97Apr '1313.49May '1317.27Jun '1313.97Jul '1314.21Aug '1314.69Sep '1315.41Oct '1312.92Nov '1314.19Dec '1314.24Jan '1415.47Feb '1414.84Mar '1414.20Apr '1412.48May '1411.54Jun '1412.30Jul '1413.49Aug '1413.47Sep '1418.06Oct '1413.41Nov '1416.29Dec '1419.12Jan '1515.90Feb '1514.81Mar '1513.49Apr '1513.34May '1514.34Jun '1514.35Jul '1519.43Aug '1524.38Sep '1516.79Oct '1516.21Nov '1518.03Dec '1523.72Jan '1622.52Feb '1615.85Mar '1614.30Apr '1614.85May '1617.77Jun '1613.16Jul '1612.40Aug '1614.22Sep '1614.59Oct '1615.24Nov '1612.47Dec '1611.61Jan '1711.53Feb '1711.90Mar '1713.14Apr '1710.86May '1710.51Jun '1710.26Jul '1711.98Aug '1710.44Sep '1710.13Oct '1710.54Nov '1710.26Dec '1711.06Jan '1822.46Feb '1819.02Mar '1818.27Apr '1814.12May '1813.68Jun '1813.15Jul '1812.55Aug '1812.91Sep '1819.35Oct '1819.39Nov '1824.95Dec '1819.57Jan '1915.23Feb '1914.49Mar '1912.95Apr '1916.72May '1915.84Jun '1913.31Jul '1918.98Aug '1915.56Sep '1915.47Oct '1912.52Nov '1913.76Dec '1913.94Jan '2019.63Feb '2057.74Mar '2041.45Apr '2030.90May '2031.12Jun '2026.84Jul '2022.89Aug '2027.65Sep '2029.44Oct '2025.00Nov '2022.37Dec '2024.91Jan '2123.14Feb '2121.84Mar '2117.42Apr '2119.76May '2116.96Jun '2117.60Jul '2117.47Aug '2119.82Sep '2117.87Oct '2118.50Nov '2121.35Dec '2123.18Jan '2225.75Feb '2226.97Mar '2224.37Apr '2229.45May '2228.10Jun '2224.87Jul '2222.17Aug '2227.41Sep '2230.01Oct '2223.44Nov '2221.78Dec '2220.20Jan '2320.06Feb '2321.64Mar '2317.82Apr '2317.64May '2313.99Jun '2313.94Jul '2315.85Aug '2315.24Sep '2318.89Oct '2314.08Nov '2312.72Dec '2313.40Jan '2413.94Feb '2413.79Mar '2416.14Apr '2413.09May '2413.09

Data represent historical month end values

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

  • The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (CBOE VIX) measures annualized implied volatility conveyed by S&P 500 stock index option prices. The indicator value reflects a month end reading of the trailing daily average for the month.

Why is it important?

  • Considered a key measure of market expectations of near-term volatility.

How do we interpret it?

  • An increasing VIX represents an increase in investor uncertainty about the near-term direction of the market. A decreasing VIX suggests the opposite.

Typical historical range

  • As of December 31, 2023, +/- 1 standard deviation* of historical month-end values have ranged from 12.52% to 27.74%.1

12 month trend