Monthly Values (%): January '48 - June '24
+/- 1 standard deviation of US Unemployment Rate - Seasonally Adjusted figures fall into this range.
-50.051015'48'50'55'60'65'70'75'80'85'90'95'00'05'10'15'20'243.40Jan '483.80Feb '484.00Mar '483.90Apr '483.50May '483.60Jun '483.60Jul '483.90Aug '483.80Sep '483.70Oct '483.80Nov '484.00Dec '484.30Jan '494.70Feb '495.00Mar '495.30Apr '496.10May '496.20Jun '496.70Jul '496.80Aug '496.60Sep '497.90Oct '496.40Nov '496.60Dec '496.50Jan '506.40Feb '506.30Mar '505.80Apr '505.50May '505.40Jun '505.00Jul '504.50Aug '504.40Sep '504.20Oct '504.20Nov '504.30Dec '503.70Jan '513.40Feb '513.40Mar '513.10Apr '513.00May '513.20Jun '513.10Jul '513.10Aug '513.30Sep '513.50Oct '513.50Nov '513.10Dec '513.20Jan '523.10Feb '522.90Mar '522.90Apr '523.00May '523.00Jun '523.20Jul '523.40Aug '523.10Sep '523.00Oct '522.80Nov '522.70Dec '522.90Jan '532.60Feb '532.60Mar '532.70Apr '532.50May '532.50Jun '532.60Jul '532.70Aug '532.90Sep '533.10Oct '533.50Nov '534.50Dec '534.90Jan '545.20Feb '545.70Mar '545.90Apr '545.90May '545.60Jun '545.80Jul '546.00Aug '546.10Sep '545.70Oct '545.30Nov '545.00Dec '544.90Jan '554.70Feb '554.60Mar '554.70Apr '554.30May '554.20Jun '554.00Jul '554.20Aug '554.10Sep '554.30Oct '554.20Nov '554.20Dec '554.00Jan '563.90Feb '564.20Mar '564.00Apr '564.30May '564.30Jun '564.40Jul '564.10Aug '563.90Sep '563.90Oct '564.30Nov '564.20Dec '564.20Jan '573.90Feb '573.70Mar '573.90Apr '574.10May '574.30Jun '574.20Jul '574.10Aug '574.40Sep '574.50Oct '575.10Nov '575.20Dec '575.80Jan '586.40Feb '586.70Mar '587.40Apr '587.40May '587.30Jun '587.50Jul '587.40Aug '587.10Sep '586.70Oct '586.20Nov '586.20Dec '586.00Jan '595.90Feb '595.60Mar '595.20Apr '595.10May '595.00Jun '595.10Jul '595.20Aug '595.50Sep '595.70Oct '595.80Nov '595.30Dec '595.20Jan '604.80Feb '605.40Mar '605.20Apr '605.10May '605.40Jun '605.50Jul '605.60Aug '605.50Sep '606.10Oct '606.10Nov '606.60Dec '606.60Jan '616.90Feb '616.90Mar '617.00Apr '617.10May '616.90Jun '617.00Jul '616.60Aug '616.70Sep '616.50Oct '616.10Nov '616.00Dec '615.80Jan '625.50Feb '625.60Mar '625.60Apr '625.50May '625.50Jun '625.40Jul '625.70Aug '625.60Sep '625.40Oct '625.70Nov '625.50Dec '625.70Jan '635.90Feb '635.70Mar '635.70Apr '635.90May '635.60Jun '635.60Jul '635.40Aug '635.50Sep '635.50Oct '635.70Nov '635.50Dec '635.60Jan '645.40Feb '645.40Mar '645.30Apr '645.10May '645.20Jun '644.90Jul '645.00Aug '645.10Sep '645.10Oct '644.80Nov '645.00Dec '644.90Jan '655.10Feb '654.70Mar '654.80Apr '654.60May '654.60Jun '654.40Jul '654.40Aug '654.30Sep '654.20Oct '654.10Nov '654.00Dec '654.00Jan '663.80Feb '663.80Mar '663.80Apr '663.90May '663.80Jun '663.80Jul '663.80Aug '663.70Sep '663.70Oct '663.60Nov '663.80Dec '663.90Jan '673.80Feb '673.80Mar '673.80Apr '673.80May '673.90Jun '673.80Jul '673.80Aug '673.80Sep '674.00Oct '673.90Nov '673.80Dec '673.70Jan '683.80Feb '683.70Mar '683.50Apr '683.50May '683.70Jun '683.70Jul '683.50Aug '683.40Sep '683.40Oct '683.40Nov '683.40Dec '683.40Jan '693.40Feb '693.40Mar '693.40Apr '693.40May '693.50Jun '693.50Jul '693.50Aug '693.70Sep '693.70Oct '693.50Nov '693.50Dec '693.90Jan '704.20Feb '704.40Mar '704.60Apr '704.80May '704.90Jun '705.00Jul '705.10Aug '705.40Sep '705.50Oct '705.90Nov '706.10Dec '705.90Jan '715.90Feb '716.00Mar '715.90Apr '715.90May '715.90Jun '716.00Jul '716.10Aug '716.00Sep '715.80Oct '716.00Nov '716.00Dec '715.80Jan '725.70Feb '725.80Mar '725.70Apr '725.70May '725.70Jun '725.60Jul '725.60Aug '725.50Sep '725.60Oct '725.30Nov '725.20Dec '724.90Jan '735.00Feb '734.90Mar '735.00Apr '734.90May '734.90Jun '734.80Jul '734.80Aug '734.80Sep '734.60Oct '734.80Nov '734.90Dec '735.10Jan '745.20Feb '745.10Mar '745.10Apr '745.10May '745.40Jun '745.50Jul '745.50Aug '745.90Sep '746.00Oct '746.60Nov '747.20Dec '748.10Jan '758.10Feb '758.60Mar '758.80Apr '759.00May '758.80Jun '758.60Jul '758.40Aug '758.40Sep '758.40Oct '758.30Nov '758.20Dec '757.90Jan '767.70Feb '767.60Mar '767.70Apr '767.40May '767.60Jun '767.80Jul '767.80Aug '767.60Sep '767.70Oct '767.80Nov '767.80Dec '767.50Jan '777.60Feb '777.40Mar '777.20Apr '777.00May '777.20Jun '776.90Jul '777.00Aug '776.80Sep '776.80Oct '776.80Nov '776.40Dec '776.40Jan '786.30Feb '786.30Mar '786.10Apr '786.00May '785.90Jun '786.20Jul '785.90Aug '786.00Sep '785.80Oct '785.90Nov '786.00Dec '785.90Jan '795.90Feb '795.80Mar '795.80Apr '795.60May '795.70Jun '795.70Jul '796.00Aug '795.90Sep '796.00Oct '795.90Nov '796.00Dec '796.30Jan '806.30Feb '806.30Mar '806.90Apr '807.50May '807.60Jun '807.80Jul '807.70Aug '807.50Sep '807.50Oct '807.50Nov '807.20Dec '807.50Jan '817.40Feb '817.40Mar '817.20Apr '817.50May '817.50Jun '817.20Jul '817.40Aug '817.60Sep '817.90Oct '818.30Nov '818.50Dec '818.60Jan '828.90Feb '829.00Mar '829.30Apr '829.40May '829.60Jun '829.80Jul '829.80Aug '8210.10Sep '8210.40Oct '8210.80Nov '8210.80Dec '8210.40Jan '8310.40Feb '8310.30Mar '8310.20Apr '8310.10May '8310.10Jun '839.40Jul '839.50Aug '839.20Sep '838.80Oct '838.50Nov '838.30Dec '838.00Jan '847.80Feb '847.80Mar '847.70Apr '847.40May '847.20Jun '847.50Jul '847.50Aug '847.30Sep '847.40Oct '847.20Nov '847.30Dec '847.30Jan '857.20Feb '857.20Mar '857.30Apr '857.20May '857.40Jun '857.40Jul '857.10Aug '857.10Sep '857.10Oct '857.00Nov '857.00Dec '856.70Jan '867.20Feb '867.20Mar '867.10Apr '867.20May '867.20Jun '867.00Jul '866.90Aug '867.00Sep '867.00Oct '866.90Nov '866.60Dec '866.60Jan '876.60Feb '876.60Mar '876.30Apr '876.30May '876.20Jun '876.10Jul '876.00Aug '875.90Sep '876.00Oct '875.80Nov '875.70Dec '875.70Jan '885.70Feb '885.70Mar '885.40Apr '885.60May '885.40Jun '885.40Jul '885.60Aug '885.40Sep '885.40Oct '885.30Nov '885.30Dec '885.40Jan '895.20Feb '895.00Mar '895.20Apr '895.20May '895.30Jun '895.20Jul '895.20Aug '895.30Sep '895.30Oct '895.40Nov '895.40Dec '895.40Jan '905.30Feb '905.20Mar '905.40Apr '905.40May '905.20Jun '905.50Jul '905.70Aug '905.90Sep '905.90Oct '906.20Nov '906.30Dec '906.40Jan '916.60Feb '916.80Mar '916.70Apr '916.90May '916.90Jun '916.80Jul '916.90Aug '916.90Sep '917.00Oct '917.00Nov '917.30Dec '917.30Jan '927.40Feb '927.40Mar '927.40Apr '927.60May '927.80Jun '927.70Jul '927.60Aug '927.60Sep '927.30Oct '927.40Nov '927.40Dec '927.30Jan '937.10Feb '937.00Mar '937.10Apr '937.10May '937.00Jun '936.90Jul '936.80Aug '936.70Sep '936.80Oct '936.60Nov '936.50Dec '936.60Jan '946.60Feb '946.50Mar '946.40Apr '946.10May '946.10Jun '946.10Jul '946.00Aug '945.90Sep '945.80Oct '945.60Nov '945.50Dec '945.60Jan '955.40Feb '955.40Mar '955.80Apr '955.60May '955.60Jun '955.70Jul '955.70Aug '955.60Sep '955.50Oct '955.60Nov '955.60Dec '955.60Jan '965.50Feb '965.50Mar '965.60Apr '965.60May '965.30Jun '965.50Jul '965.10Aug '965.20Sep '965.20Oct '965.40Nov '965.40Dec '965.30Jan '975.20Feb '975.20Mar '975.10Apr '974.90May '975.00Jun '974.90Jul '974.80Aug '974.90Sep '974.70Oct '974.60Nov '974.70Dec '974.60Jan '984.60Feb '984.70Mar '984.30Apr '984.40May '984.50Jun '984.50Jul '984.50Aug '984.60Sep '984.50Oct '984.40Nov '984.40Dec '984.30Jan '994.40Feb '994.20Mar '994.30Apr '994.20May '994.30Jun '994.30Jul '994.20Aug '994.20Sep '994.10Oct '994.10Nov '994.00Dec '994.00Jan '004.10Feb '004.00Mar '003.80Apr '004.00May '004.00Jun '004.00Jul '004.10Aug '003.90Sep '003.90Oct '003.90Nov '003.90Dec '004.20Jan '014.20Feb '014.30Mar '014.40Apr '014.30May '014.50Jun '014.60Jul '014.90Aug '015.00Sep '015.30Oct '015.50Nov '015.70Dec '015.70Jan '025.70Feb '025.70Mar '025.90Apr '025.80May '025.80Jun '025.80Jul '025.70Aug '025.70Sep '025.70Oct '025.90Nov '026.00Dec '025.80Jan '035.90Feb '035.90Mar '036.00Apr '036.10May '036.30Jun '036.20Jul '036.10Aug '036.10Sep '036.00Oct '035.80Nov '035.70Dec '035.70Jan '045.60Feb '045.80Mar '045.60Apr '045.60May '045.60Jun '045.50Jul '045.40Aug '045.40Sep '045.50Oct '045.40Nov '045.40Dec '045.30Jan '055.40Feb '055.20Mar '055.20Apr '055.10May '055.00Jun '055.00Jul '054.90Aug '055.00Sep '055.00Oct '055.00Nov '054.90Dec '054.70Jan '064.80Feb '064.70Mar '064.70Apr '064.60May '064.60Jun '064.70Jul '064.70Aug '064.50Sep '064.40Oct '064.50Nov '064.40Dec '064.60Jan '074.50Feb '074.40Mar '074.50Apr '074.40May '074.60Jun '074.70Jul '074.60Aug '074.70Sep '074.70Oct '074.70Nov '075.00Dec '075.00Jan '084.90Feb '085.10Mar '085.00Apr '085.40May '085.60Jun '085.80Jul '086.10Aug '086.10Sep '086.50Oct '086.80Nov '087.30Dec '087.80Jan '098.30Feb '098.70Mar '099.00Apr '099.40May '099.50Jun '099.50Jul '099.60Aug '099.80Sep '0910.00Oct '099.90Nov '099.90Dec '099.80Jan '109.80Feb '109.90Mar '109.90Apr '109.60May '109.40Jun '109.40Jul '109.50Aug '109.50Sep '109.40Oct '109.80Nov '109.30Dec '109.10Jan '119.00Feb '119.00Mar '119.10Apr '119.00May '119.10Jun '119.00Jul '119.00Aug '119.00Sep '118.80Oct '118.60Nov '118.50Dec '118.30Jan '128.30Feb '128.20Mar '128.20Apr '128.20May '128.20Jun '128.20Jul '128.10Aug '127.80Sep '127.80Oct '127.70Nov '127.90Dec '128.00Jan '137.70Feb '137.50Mar '137.60Apr '137.50May '137.50Jun '137.30Jul '137.20Aug '137.20Sep '137.20Oct '136.90Nov '136.70Dec '136.60Jan '146.70Feb '146.70Mar '146.20Apr '146.30May '146.10Jun '146.20Jul '146.10Aug '145.90Sep '145.70Oct '145.80Nov '145.60Dec '145.70Jan '155.50Feb '155.40Mar '155.40Apr '155.60May '155.30Jun '155.20Jul '155.10Aug '155.00Sep '155.00Oct '155.10Nov '155.00Dec '154.80Jan '164.90Feb '165.00Mar '165.10Apr '164.80May '164.90Jun '164.80Jul '164.90Aug '165.00Sep '164.90Oct '164.70Nov '164.70Dec '164.70Jan '174.60Feb '174.40Mar '174.50Apr '174.40May '174.30Jun '174.30Jul '174.40Aug '174.20Sep '174.10Oct '174.20Nov '174.10Dec '174.00Jan '184.10Feb '184.00Mar '184.00Apr '183.80May '184.00Jun '183.80Jul '183.80Aug '183.70Sep '183.80Oct '183.80Nov '183.90Dec '184.00Jan '193.80Feb '193.80Mar '193.60Apr '193.60May '193.60Jun '193.70Jul '193.70Aug '193.50Sep '193.60Oct '193.60Nov '193.60Dec '193.50Jan '203.50Feb '204.40Mar '2014.70Apr '2013.20May '2011.00Jun '2010.20Jul '208.40Aug '207.90Sep '206.90Oct '206.70Nov '206.70Dec '206.30Jan '216.20Feb '216.10Mar '216.10Apr '215.80May '215.90Jun '215.40Jul '215.20Aug '214.80Sep '214.50Oct '214.20Nov '213.90Dec '214.00Jan '223.80Feb '223.60Mar '223.60Apr '223.60May '223.60Jun '223.50Jul '223.70Aug '223.50Sep '223.70Oct '223.60Nov '223.50Dec '223.40Jan '233.60Feb '233.50Mar '233.40Apr '233.70May '233.60Jun '233.50Jul '233.80Aug '233.80Sep '233.90Oct '233.70Nov '233.70Dec '233.70Jan '243.90Feb '243.80Mar '243.90Apr '244.00May '244.10Jun '244.10

Data represent historical month end values

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics measures employment and unemployment of all persons over the age of 15 using two different labor force surveys conducted by the United States Census Bureau (within the United States Department of Commerce) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (within the United States Department of Labor) that gather employment statistics monthly. The data reported here is seasonally adjusted (SA) to account for seasonal gains in employment leading up to Christmas.

Why is it important?

  • Employment reflects the health of the businesses in the economy. Businesses in a strong economy hire to meet demand for their goods or services which rise with improved economic conditions.

How do we interpret it?

  • Rising value levels indicate increasing unemployment. Decreasing value levels indicate the opposite.

Typical historical range

  • As of December 31, 2023, +/- 1 standard deviation* of historical month-end values have ranged from 4.00% to 7.41%.1

12 month trend