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Running a business can be tough, with less time to focus on what matters. We can help.

Advisor & Intermediary Solutions

Together, we can help take your business to the next level

At Russell Investments, we’re passionate about helping you build the business you want whether that means building more efficient processes, improving your client relationships, or simply freeing up more of your time. That’s why we’ve developed a range of training options to help you best serve your clients. Whether you’re ready for an intensive training program or just looking for some light-touch consultancy, we’re here for you. You’ll find that partnering with Russell Investments can bring you much more than access to a leading range of funds and products.

Advisor-Evolved Program

The Advisor-Evolved Program* is designed to help you stay competitive by providing you with the ability to describe with conviction how you run your investment management process. By having a defined investment philosophy and discipline, your business will run more efficiently.

We want to work with advisors who:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years in the business with a focus on managed money
  • Have an advisory book that has demonstrated growth
  • Are intent on moving to a fee based model
  • Are interested in improving and growing their business
  • Have realistic expectations around timeline of completing the full program, including follow up work
*Formerly known as Russell Investments Disciplined Investing Program

Practice Management Experts

Lynette Lewis
Director, Business Solutions, Advisor and Intermediary Solutions


Maria Nastasi
Program Manager, Business Solutions, Advisor and Intermediary Solutions



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