Russell Investments launches first low-carbon Australian shares fund for broad-market investing
  • New fund offers reduced exposure to climate change risk while maintaining equity returns

Sydney, 27 February 2019 —Russell Investments has launched the first broad-market Australian shares product with reduced exposure to carbon emissions and fossil fuel reserves as well as positive tilting toward sustainable companies in the Australian market. The Russell Investments Low Carbon Australian Shares Fund complements the cutting-edge international shares fund that launched in late 2017; and both funds are designed with the firm's proprietary decarbonisation investment strategy.

Using the broad-market S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index as a starting point, Russell Investments' systematic portfolio construction approach tilts the portfolio away from companies with high exposure to carbon-intensive activities and increases weighting in those companies with positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics. The process also customises the fund to cater for the concentrated nature of the Australian share market.

"Our decarbonisation strategy commits to reducing exposure to carbon footprint by 35% relative to the benchmark and 30% lower exposure to fossil fuel reserves," said Portfolio Manager James Harwood. "In addition, we go beyond decarbonisation to increase exposure by 5% to companies with a high material ESG score. Our approach targets these objectives while maintaining a tracking error of just 1% relative to the benchmark."

Mr Harwood added that this rules-based solution is designed to help clients meaningfully reduce exposure to carbon-intensive holdings and invest more in carbon-friendly and sustainable investment opportunities, all without materially affecting performance.

The new fund is the latest development based on Russell Investments' active and robust sustainability research agenda, which will continue to benefit the fund as the decarbonisation strategy evolves over time to reflect the latest findings and best practice in sustainable investing.

"I'm excited to bring this leading-edge solution to clients who seek to reduce the level of carbon emissions within their Australian shares portfolio as well as to those who seek to address climate-change risk requirements from stakeholder or regulatory requirements," said Nicki Ashton, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Australian Institutional at Russell Investments.

Ms Ashton added that Russell Investments isn't a newcomer to the global trend toward sustainable investing. The firm has been a signatory to the Principles for Responsible (PRI) Investment since 2009. In 2018, Russell Investments received an "A" grade from the PRI for its approach to responsible investing.

More information on the fund and Russell Investments’ approach to sustainable investing is available here.

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