Efficiency and knowledge is key…

Gaining efficiencies with managed portfolios

In an effort to offer clients a consistent investment approach whilst also making their business more valuable, many financial advisers have embraced the use of public offer and private label managed portfolios.

Regardless whether you choose to use portfolios developed and managed by an outsourced CIO or create and manage your own portfolios, managed portfolios typically offer three key efficiency benefits:

  • Investment research efficiency: The research conducted to construct portfolios can often be detailed and resource intensive. Robust manager Research and strategic asset allocation can often put a strain on your resources. Russell Investments researchers over 8375 funds annually.
  • Fee efficiency: Access to global investment managers can help reduce your overall costs. Outsourced CIOs use scale to negotiate more competitive rates with sub-managers and pool your assets with other clients allowing portfolio optimisation to meet your fee budget.
  • Service efficiency: Advisers can reduce the burden of administration and compliance that is needed to typically manage individual, customised client portfolios. This leaves more time to service your clients.

In our recent meet the manager webinar, Portfolio Manager Daniel Choo provides insight into how to design, construct and manage an efficient managed portfolio.



Greenwashing and tips to identify suitable ESG products

There has been a marked increase in the demand for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) /Sustainable style products and this trend looks set to continue. The challenge for advisers is finding products that are most closely aligned with their clients’ ESG or ethical beliefs. It is rare to have clients with exactly the same beliefs or principles. In a previous blog we covered key steps and identify freely available resources to match genuine ESG products with investor demands.

In our recent meet the manager webinar, Senior Portfolio Manager James Harwood discusses what greenwashing is and what is involved in researching and managing ESG products.



The bottom line

Whether it’s partnering with an outsourced CIO to help you design, construct, and manage your own private label managed account or assisting you with underlying investments like an ESG ETF, Russell Investments has the know-how, tools and support to help you achieve your business goals and your clients’ goals.