Russell Investments Exchange Traded Funds

Ticker Name NAV ICR Total Assets Units on Issue Inception date
RDV Russell Investments High Dividend Australian Shares ETF $30.00 0.34% $271,714,540 9,058,392 11/05/2010
RSM Russell Investments Australian Semi-Government Bond ETF $20.76 0.26% $68,860,497 3,316,995 08/03/2012
RCB Russell Investments Australian Select Corporate Bond ETF $20.55 0.28% $272,135,634 13,242,580 08/03/2012
RGB Russell Investments Australian Government Bond ETF $22.46 0.24% $89,957,977 4,004,391 08/03/2012
RARI Russell Investments Australian Responsible Investment ETF $25.90 0.45% $294,300,352 11,361,776 01/04/2015

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance has been calculated after allowing for tax and investment management expenses.  Administration fees are not included in the calculation. Performance for periods longer than 1 year are annualised. The inception date reflects the first day of investment into the option. This information has been prepared for the purpose of providing general information, without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making an investment decision, you need to consider whether this information is appropriate to your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consult your financial adviser. This information has been compiled from sources considered to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.  Any potential investor should consider the relevant PDS in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold units in a fund.

ETFs reconstitution update and outlook

ASIC Class Order 14/1252 (as amended by the ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2016/1224 and the ASIC Corporations (Amendment and Repeal) Instrument 2015/876) applies to the Product Disclosure Statements dated 25 August 2017 for the Russell Investments funds listed below.