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Helping to track towards your goals, providing innovative solutions, giving you choices in how you want to grow your super and manage your retirement income.

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Super Tracker App

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Most of us track our steps, sleep, spending or calories. Now it’s just as easy to track your super.

GoalTracker program

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GoalTracker is like a GPS for your super. You set the destination and we help you get there.

Retire Ready meetings

It's our way of helping you prepare for retirement with confidence and peace of mind.

Get ready. Get set.

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A few simple actions now can set you up for the best chance at a great life after work, and put you in the running for a $5,000 super boost.*

Global Investment Expertise

Putting the world’s leading investment managers to work for you

Our investment approach brings the world’s leading managers and strategies together—in a diversified, flexible and well-planned portfolio—aimed at achieving your goals.

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You make the call

Take control of your super today

What's your super goal?

Setting a goal is the first step to visualising what lifestyle you want to live in retirement and if you’re on track to achieve it.

Got multiple super accounts?

Multiple accounts mean you're paying multiple sets of fees, and spending time and effort managing different accounts.

Want personalised investing?

Let us further personalise your investment strategy based on your retirement income goal and the information you give us.

Is retirement on your mind?

If you are counting down to retirement and have a lot of questions, then this could be a good time to talk to a retirement consultant.

Retire with more or sooner?

A transition to retirement strategy could help you ease into retirement and increase your super balance in your final working years.

A super future beyond you?

Provide for the ones you love and the ones who love you by deciding who gets your super after you.

Our achievements

When you invest your super, it's good to know you're among the best.

Don’t just take our word for it. Russell Investments has been globally recognised for excellence in the investment industry.

Super awards

For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see


Investing and leading responsibly

We are committed to exceptional standards of corporate responsibility. We believe everything we do must benefit our stakeholders: from clients, employees and shareholders to the environment and our wider communities.

We believe responsible investing and performance can be complementary. Our responsible investing approach aims to capture the right exposure without jeopardising return.

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We are proud to be recognised again by RIAA as a
Responsibility Investment Leader in 2021

Responsible Investment Benchmark Report

* Terms and conditions apply. The promotion starts at 00.01am on 4 October 2021 and closes 11.59pm on 30 September 2022 (promotional period). This prize is paid for by Russell Investments Employee Benefits Pty Limited and is not funded by superannuation money. Authorised under trade promotion permits: NSW Permit No. TP/01314. ACT Permit No. TP21/01570. SA Permit No. T21/1428.