Mary Beth Lato

Mary Beth Lato

Senior Asset Allocation Strategist

Looking backwards and forwards: Reaching objectives for non-profits

October 2020
Take a look at how a time horizon inclusive of historical and expected returns may lead to greater stability in the asset allocation process.

Non-profit spending policy options

June 2020
A useful framework for non-profit fiduciaries to help support the needs of their communities for generations to come.

Best practices in non-profit portfolio design

January 2020
The current market environment is characterized by relatively high valuations on U.S. equities and low yields on fixed income. As a result, it will be more challenging for non-profit investors to achieve their return targets than it would be in a typical market environment.

Alternative investing impact on return-seeking portfolios

July 2019
Is illiquidity risk worth it? Get our take and learn how the total portfolio risk and return are impacted when investing in hedge funds, private real estate, and/or private markets.

Non-profit hospitals and health systems

January 2018
How to evaluate asset allocation decisions considering: asset pools, market environment, and income statement. See our framework.

How non-profits can improve upon the endowment model—and make it work for them

October 2017
Are you able to implement the model efficiently yourself? Read this paper to identify where additional resources would be beneficial.

Are 5% distributions an achievable hurdle for foundations? Were they ever? An update

November 2016
Sustainably supporting distributions continues to remain a difficult challenge for foundations.
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