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Absolute return currency strategy

July 2023
Learn how this strategy may add value to diversified portfolios and designed to deliver alpha and lower total portfolio risk.

October 2020

From black to blue: Understanding water-stress exposure in an investment portfolio

June 2019
A lot of work has gone into identifying how carbon can be measured, managed and invested in for tomorrow’s green economy. But there is more to the “E” in environmental than carbon. Here we ask: “what is the next big thing in the environmental space?”– for us, it’s water.

Netwealth US Study Tour 2018 – Adviser panel

May 2018
At Russell Investments, we are known for our global investment capability and the people we have ‘on the ground’ in over 20 locations researching managers and sharing local market insights.

Best practices for responsible investing

May 2018
In the coming years, Responsible Investing will be routine. Understanding how Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors impact security prices and portfolio structure will be integrated across the entire industry. Russell Investments has embraced this and has developed – and continues to develop – best practices for our process, portfolios and clients.

28% of financial advisers surveyed are considering real return funds

October 2017
More than a quarter of the 200 financial advisers we surveyed are considering more sophisticated options, in particular real return funds when reviewing clients’ portfolios, given the current market environment.