Blending leading managers and strategies in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio.

Why Managed Accounts

As advisers and business owners you recognise that time is highly valuable and often in short supply. Managed accounts is an investment option that can help you gain leverage over your time, allowing you to build scale, consistency and efficiency into your business.

Managed Accounts can help you work with your client to closely align their specific return objectives, risk tolerance and specific circumstance. Highlight your value through portfolio customisation and tax management. Offer your clients choice by way of control, transparency and flexibility of their managed account.

Why Russell Investments Managed Portfolios

  • We provide Institutional grade asset allocation expertise
  • Access to the world’s leading managers and strategies
  • Robust processes to adapt responsibly to changing markets

The same capabilities used by some of the world's largest and most iconic investors including Boeing and JCPenny

Diversification and dynamism are key in our managed portfolios.

Leading active

(where it matters)

The portfolios draw from our complete toolkit of active, factor and passive strategies.


(35% of the portfolio)

Active strategies are incorporated where skill is most likely to be rewarded with excess returns.


(as low as 64.5bps)

Ideally suited to cost sensitive clients. Providing active management at a compelling price.

Our approach

Real return
dynamic core

Dynamic real return
multi-asset strategies

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Direct Australian

Australian equity
managed portfolios

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Equity and fixed income
exchange traded funds

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Our story

Learn all about who we are, where we began, and how our investment approach puts the world's leading investment managers to work for you.

Who we are Our investment approach

Explore the portfolios

Across four risk adjusted portfolios











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Latest Resources & Insights

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Managed Portfolios quarterly update

In this webinar we will discuss key market themes and provide an update on the positioning of the portfolios to help you in your ongoing client conversations and reviews.

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Tough environment for stock selection – what’s working for us?


SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

PODCAST: Why consider Managed Portfolios for you and your clients.

Managed accounts is an investment option that can help you gain leverage over your time, allowing you to build scale, consistency and efficiency into your business.



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