Retire strong: Stay tech-smart

In a world where digital connectivity and innovation reign, staying tech-smart is a key factor in retirement planning. Get a head start with our handy checklist.

By Joel Atputharaj - 3 min read

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Joel Atputharaj is a senior manager at Russell Investments. A Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, he helps clients navigate complexity and has worn many hats across the superannuation and consulting businesses, including actuarial consulting, account management, insurance and fund administration.

Staying up to date with changing trends and technology throughout your life can help keep you mentally active, and help you maintain your confidence and safety online. Keeping connected can even help you better manage your financial situation.

We’re living in an increasingly digital world. According to the Australian Banking Association, more than 80% of Australians use online banking, while 81% use apps for calls and messaging, up from 77% in 2020 as shown in research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Whether you notice it or not, keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest tech and platforms probably comes quite naturally while you’re working. This is because you regularly encounter change through your job and through interactions with colleagues. But when you retire, you’ll no longer have access to updates through your workplace and you might need a more proactive approach to staying tech savvy and up to date.

The good news is that you can do it without too much effort. To give you a head start as you prepare for retirement, we’ve broken down some of the ways to keep on top of changing technology in this handy checklist:

Do some ‘tech-xercise’ 

Like anything, the more you practice, the better you get. Regularly going online and using new technology will help you maintain and build your confidence. You could look into:

  • online learning platforms to acquire new skills or pursue hobbies you’ve always wanted to explore but never had the time to do – e.g. Coursera and Udemy.
  • personal finance apps and tools to track expenses, keep to a budget and manage investments – e.g. Mint and personal banking apps.
  • e-readers to enjoy a wide range of books digitally, so you can travel light – e.g. Kindle and Audible.
Read widely

New technologies are often in the news before they arrive in our homes—think Artificial Intelligence, Non-Fungible Tokens and cryptocurrency. Having a general understanding of what to expect in the future makes it easier to adapt when the time comes.

From tech news websites and blogs to podcasts and webinars, from conferences and meet ups to engaging in online communities and joining professional organisations, there’s a lot you can do to embrace learning opportunities. Naturally, a sense of curiosity and a willingness to adapt to new information would go a long way to staying engaged and connected. This is especially important if you’re used to relying on information provided by your employer to keep up to date.

Screen out the noise

It might be fun to tune in to the latest on how to use Threads1 or what’s trending on TikTok, but if you just want to upskill on the essentials, focus on what might be most useful to your daily life. As you get closer to retirement, you might find yourself re-evaluating your priorities about what to do with your time, how to stay connected to others and what you want to achieve when you do retire—and technology might prove to be a great little helper!

  • Learn how to use messaging apps, social media platforms, and video calling tools like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or Zoom to bridge the gap with loved ones.
  • Get started on some digital decluttering by organising files, deleting unnecessary apps and managing your email inboxes, so that once you’re retired, you’re not taken by surprise at losing access to important emails and documents.
  • If you’ve been saving for a big trip to celebrate your retirement milestone, travel websites and apps can go a long way to plan trips, research new destinations and book arrangements.
Stay cyber safe

Online safety is a huge issue in Australia and around the world. According to Scamwatch. So far in 2023, Australians have lost more than $328 million to online scams (as at 15 August 2023). Their data also shows that over 65s lost the largest amount of money, with those between 55 and 64 coming in at a close second in amounts lost.

As your super fund, we already have a number of security measures in place that are designed to help keep your super safe and secure with us, including monitoring member accounts for ongoing fraudulent/suspicious activities. Find out how to keep your super safe online.

As you get closer to retirement and are looking to make super withdrawals, it's important to stay vigilant, learn how to spot an online scam, get set up with strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication and be cautious of phishing scams. 

Manage your super online

And the most important ‘super’ tip? If you haven’t done it already, log into your online account to manage your super, check your balance, access the GoalTracker® program, make extra contributions and see how your super is invested. All this is ever more important as you draw closer to retirement, especially if you need to take additional steps to bridge a gap between your current super savings and your retirement income goal in a short amount of time.

  • You will need your member number and password to get started (iQ members, Resource Super members and Nationwide Super members). Can’t remember your member number? You can look it up on your welcome letter. Can’t remember your password? Re-set it using the link provided on the log in page.
  • If you’ve never logged in before, then you need to register first (iQ members, Resource Super members and Nationwide Super members). You will need your member number and Tax File Number ready. You will also have to provide answers to three security questions—if you forget your password, we will ask you to answer these security questions.
  • Once you register, you can also download the Super Tracker App, and use the same member number and password combination to access super anytime, anywhere.

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