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Excellent adventure or bogus journey? How the next recession may unfold

Markets are struggling. Global growth is slowing. And as attention increasingly turns to the possibility of a recession, it's time to stop pondering when an economic slump will set in, and focus instead on what it may entail.
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Bah humbug: U.S. markets tumble to yearly lows after Fed guidance projects more rate hikes for 2019

The Fed increased borrowing costs today for the fourth time this year. Could the central bank pause its quarterly rate-hiking cycle in 2019?
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To fear or not to fear the yield curve

Does the U.S. Treasury yield curve always foretell a recession?
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Russell monthly update

Here is a summary of investment markets for the month of November 2018.
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2019 Global Market Outlook: The late-late cycle show

U.S. Federal Reserve tightening, trade wars, China uncertainty, Italy’s budget standoff with the European Commission and Brexit imply that 2018’s volatility should continue into 2019. We believe that 2020 marks the danger zone for a U.S. recession, which gives equity markets some upside in the year ahead. However, late-cycle risks are rising—and monitoring these risks will be critical to avoid buying a dip that turns into a prolonged slide.
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U.S.-China ceasefire: Reasonable outcome for markets, brief respite for economies

At the 2018 G-20 Buenos Aires summit that concluded last weekend in Argentina, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed not to impose any new tariffs for three months to allow negotiations to continue at the technocrat level.
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Why ESG matters to investors and investing.

Many investors still see environment, social and governance (ESG) factors as values-oriented.
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Overview of Negative screening and performance consequences

In recent years, an increasing number of investors have formed dual investment goals: maintain strong investment returns while expressing views on specific industries (such as tobacco, carbon or controversial weapons). As part of this demand, investors also want to understand the performance impact of these exclusions on their portfolio. To meet this need, we created thousands of simulated portfolios with various exclusions. Then we evaluated the performance distribution of these portfolios to identify how – and how much – negative screening can materially affect a portfolio.
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Miao Ouyang

2018's biggest winners turned into the biggest losers this week

The S&P 500® Index is down approximately 3% on the week and approximately 9.5% from its peak on September 20, essentially wiping out gains for the year. But the selloff is concentrated in a few mega-cap tech companies.
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Russell monthly update

Here is a summary of investment markets for the month of October 2018.
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U.S. midterms update: Democrats take House, Republicans keep Senate. Markets react.

How are markets reacting to the results of U.S. midterms? We have the latest.
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Multi-Asset review Q3 2018 – Institutional

Andrew Sneddon, Managing Director – Multi-Asset Solutions, discusses Russell Investments’ performance in the September quarter and the outlook for 2018.
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Q3 equity manager report: The froth has left the market

Does the stock market still have gas left in the tank? We have summarised equity manager insights from our manager research team, region by region.
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Standing at the crossroads: An investor's choice of response after market turmoil

This article shows the dramatic impact of an investor's choice of response during market turmoil on their future wealth balance.
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Investors facing volatile markets need skill, scale and discipline

It’s hard to correctly time the exit at the top and the re-entry at the bottom of the market. Oftentimes, reversals are quick and unpredictable and the market has picked up steam again by the time nervous investors feel confident that everything has settled and it’s an appropriate time to re-enter.
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Year-end fixed income survey: Opposing viewpoints from global credit and interest rate managers

Throughout the year we ask bond and currency managers to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months. Today, we’ve put the spotlight on U.S. interest rates and the outlook for credit—and we ask, What’s next for emerging market foreign exchange (EM FX) and the U.S. dollar?
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Adam Smears

Adviser social media: Put yourself out there!

Total engagement is a goal we all strive for as financial professionals serving clients. While many advisers are capable of and achieve total engagement when in client meetings, we believe the best advisers display total engagement beyond face-to-face meetings by leveraging service models and sharing content and though leadership via social platforms, including LinkedIn.
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Outcomes are the new alpha

Want to know why the tortoise beat the hare? He (or, more likely, she) stayed focused on the finish line. The tortoise was all about the outcome.

In a recent study that we shared, we found investors who built the most wealth did so with a focus on long-term outcomes. Guess what those with the smallest account holdings did? They focused on short-term performance. They acted like hares. The wealthiest acted more like tortoises.
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Mama Mia! Here We Go Again: Italian budget woes unnerve investors

Italy's proposed budget deficit for 2019 has been ill-received by markets. Could things get worse before they get better?
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Russell quarterly update

Here’s a summary of investment markets for the three months ending 30 September 2018
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