GoalTracker® Option

Super investments built around you

GoalTracker® automatically personalises your investment strategy based on the information it knows about you.

When you’re younger and focused on growing your super balance, your investment strategy will have a higher allocation to growth assets. As you approach retirement, it will increase your allocation to defensive assets to help protect your savings1.

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Personalised investments

Peace of mind knowing that investment experts are managing your super investments based on information it knows about you.

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Automatic reviews

Every year we will assess your situation and if needed, adjust your investment strategy to ensure it is still appropriate for you.

Upgrade to GoalTracker® Plus for no additional cost

By telling us more about you, we can further personalise your investment strategy to improve the chance of achieving your retirement income goal.

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1The investment manager may make tactical changes to the option’s strategic asset allocation from time-to-time in response to capital market expectations.