Markets and investing. An expert’s insight.

12 May 2022 – 45 min 26 secs


Alex discusses the current market outlook; including where we are now, the outlook for inflation and interest rates, and the longer-term impacts of COVID. Adam takes us through investing in retirement; touching on the risks of investing, the investing bucket strategy and how to review your investment options within iQ Retirement.

A little about Alex

Alexander Cousley is the Asia-Pac Investment Strategy Analyst for Russell Investments. He is responsible for covering the Asian region, as well as listed real assets.

A little about Adam

For nearly five years, Adam has been helping members of the Russell Investments Master Trust prepare for their retirement with confidence and peace of mind. With a career focussing on corporate super, finance and insurance, he offers clarity and support in the form of general information, so members can understand their options for a great life after work.