Discover the Russell Investments Super Mobile App

Manage your super anywhere, anytime

You track your steps, your sleep and your spending.
Now, track your super.

This isn’t like other super apps.

It’s easy. It’s useful. It’s clever. It’s free.

It will tell you how you’re tracking towards your personal retirement goals, and give you the ability to make easy and immediate changes to your super—all at the touch of a button.

Just set your objectives and enter some key details, and you’re on your way to taking positive action to improve your life after work.

What a super idea.

Our app leads the pack


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Check your super's vital signs

Every time you log in, the first thing you’ll see is the dashboard (pictured below).

This gives you an overall picture of your super. It’s also completely dynamic, updating whenever you change any details or complete any actions. It’s not just about viewing your super—it’s about taking control and getting it done.

  1. The app uses your individual details and circumstances to project the annual income you’re on track to receive in your retirement.

  2. Check your account balance, including how it has moved over time. You can also view your transaction history.

  3. View the investment return you’ve received since joining the fund, and the dollar amount that return has added to your super.

  4. See how much you and your employer can still contribute before tax this financial year. You can also access more information on contribution limits.

  5. Want to know how your super balance stacks up against people of your gender, age and salary range? See how you compare.

  6. Check out your personalised To Do List, which turns your modelled changes into quick and easy tasks that make it easy for you to take action.

  7. If you know exactly what you want to do, head to this list of specific actions.


  • Set retirement goals and track your progress
  • See what sort of income you’re on track to receive when you retire
  • Compare your balance with others like you
  • Find and consolidate your super
  • See how much you can still contribute and make extra contributions
  • Get practical and helpful suggestions on steps you can take to improve your future
  • Change your investment strategy
  • Update your details, including beneficiaries
  • Check your balance and investment returns

The Retirement Tracker shows you how your super is tracking towards your retirement income goal.
Here’s how to read it.

The full circle shows your retirement income goal.
The lighter grey arrow shows your projected retirement income.
If you’ve simulated some changes, the blue or orange arrows show how much your annual retirement income could increase or decrease as a result of actioning those changes.

Who is it for?

We developed the app exclusively for our members.

The first release of our app is for iQ SuperTM members with accumulation-style accounts.

The app isn't currently available to members with a defined benefit style account, members with a linked financial adviser or iQ RetirementTM members who are receiving pension payments.

At this stage the app is only available for iOS devices.
However, we're taking expressions of interest from Android users.

Remember, you don't need the app to get your super sorted. You can access all our tools and calculators, including our Retire Ready program, via your online account.

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